Real life Stories

Simon and Jenny from Pioneer credit union

Simon and his wife Jenny explain their reasons for joining Pioneer credit union in Middlesbrough, during a short interview with the BBC.  Click on the image below to hear their story.

Mrs. M is a member of Pallister credit union in Middlesbrough.

"I joined the credit union because it’s really handy for me to save up and get loans because the banks would charge me a fortune in interest and the unpaid staff are really nice."

Sarah's story

Sarah* and her partner are both unemployed and were paying a doorstep lender a large percentage of their income per week. They approached Prince Bishops Credit Union who completed an application for a Quick loan in order to reduce their payments and clear off the debt to the doorstep lender.

After conducting the usual loan interview and relevant checks the credit union was able to settle the doorstep lender and ensure that the payments cleared the loan in half the time and also allowed Sarah and her partner to join the credit union and save weekly and give them access to the low cost loans the credit union offers.

They were very happy and so grateful for all the help they received from Prince Bishops Credit Union; they said they would encourage their friends and relatives to join.

David (aged 10) is a junior saver from Prince Bishops credit union.

"I have saved enough money through my Prince Bishops savings account to buy my own Nintendo DS!"

Anne is a volunteer Director for her local credit union.

Anne was a volunteer for many Boards and also worked full time for many years.  She decided that she had had enough of full-time work and decided to take some time off.  She did so for a year then a friend mentioned the credit union to her.  Anne approached the credit union and soon became a volunteer. Soon after the Board asked her to become a Director. 

Anne has held various roles - treasurer, secretary and administrator - and also volunteers to run a collection point weekly. She says sometimes the work is a little stressful, and challenging but she has studied and learnt the policies and procedures of the credit union.  People rely on her for lots of information and she finds it totally rewarding. 

Anne says she really enjoys meeting the members, making friends and helping them.  

*Some names have been changed

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